The Comms Spotlight: Magnifique Migisha, Communications Manager, Capital Market Authority, Rwanda

Our Comms Spotlight, Magnifique Migisha, is a Communications professional who is passionate about Digital Marketing and Storytelling. Magnifique is the Communications Manager at the Capital Market Authority, Rwanda. With 15 years of professional experience and a career that cuts across various industries, Magnifique has dedicated time to not only mastering his craft but also to creating an impact in his country, Rwanda.


Tell us what you do as the Communications Manager at Capital Market Authority, Rwanda.

As the Communications Manager at Rwanda’s Capital Market Authority, my primary responsibility is to oversee and coordinate all investor education initiatives. This involves developing and implementing communication strategies to engage the target audience through diverse channels such as social media, traditional media, and direct outreach. My primary objective is to contribute to fostering a culture of financial literacy, savings, and investment among the general public in Rwanda.


How did you begin your journey in Communications and how have you grown as a professional over the years?

Drawing on my media background, my deep-seated passion for storytelling has been the driving force behind my career in the Communications industry. Throughout my professional journey, I have garnered invaluable tips from experienced storytellers. Over the past decade, I have dedicated myself to mastering the art of leveraging digital platforms to create captivating narratives to engage with diverse audiences, particularly for impactful and transformative initiatives.


Can you share some highlights you’ve experienced on your career journey?

Throughout my career, I have achieved numerous highlights, particularly in using storytelling techniques to strategically convey narratives. A few years ago, I played an essential role together with colleagues in helping the organisation I was working for to gain recognition at the continental level as the top organisation for using digital platforms to tell stories in Africa. This experience was both captivating and foundational to my career and demonstrated the potential to use acquired skills to craft impactful stories that contribute to the betterment of humanity.


Reflecting on your career, how has the Communications landscape in Rwanda evolved?

As I reflect on my career, the Communications landscape in Rwanda has experienced profound evolution and continues to undergo significant transformation. Communicators play a crucial role in narrating Rwanda’s transformative journey over the past 30 years.

The widespread adoption of digital platforms and social media has fundamentally reshaped the Communications landscape, enabling greater access to information and facilitating engagement with a wider audience. This shift has empowered communicators to share impactful stories of Rwanda’s development, contributing to a more dynamic and inclusive narrative of the nation’s progress.


Tell us about some of the mentors who have influenced or impacted your career journey.

I have been fortunate to have been influenced by numerous professionals throughout my career, but there is one individual who stands out as my special mentor. Adeola Adejokun has been instrumental in guiding my Communications path, and I continue to learn a lot from him.


What advice do you have for budding professionals looking to make a mark in the industry?

Young professionals must prioritise continuous learning, particularly in the ever-evolving Communications industry. Embracing new techniques and actively practising them is essential for effectively serving the community, as communicators are storytellers responsible for conveying information that positively impacts those we serve.


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