The Heart of an Authentic Brand Story

It’s not news that storytelling is a great way for brands to connect powerfully with their audience. Beside showcasing what a brand stands for, storytelling also provides opportunities for the target audience to see the value of the brand from their own perspective. 

Telling an authentic and compelling brand story is therefore crucial for any brand that wants to remain relevant. While many brands believe they understand the concept of authenticity, it is clear that this is a concept that is yet to be mastered fully. Authenticity is not oversharing, neither is it fabricating a story that does not exist.

We want you to infuse authenticity into your brand story the right way and the tips in this post will help you to achieve that.

A Brand Story with Trust at its Heart

Trust is at the heart of an authentic brand story and your audience needs to trust your story. Not only do they need to trust it, they also need to believe in it. This means your brand story must be consistent and honest. There is no point in trying to play around with the truth, your audience will see it and it will definitely impact on the perceived credibility of your brand. Let your brand story be a true reflection of your brand and trust in the power of that story to connect with your audience.

The Customer is the Story

Contrary to what you may think, your brand story is really not about your brand. It is about that target audience you want to attract. This is why you must tell your brand story from the lens and framing of your target audience. They must see themselves at the center of your story. You need to do this if you want your brand story to resonate with them. It is at this point that your brand story will become their story.

When they listen to your brand story, they need to see that your brand shares common beliefs and values with them. To tell an authentic brand story therefore, don’t ignore your target audience – they need to be the main reference point for your story. 

It has to be Enjoyable

Authenticity does not mean being boring. Your brand story needs to be an enjoyable experience – on whatever platform it is featured. Make your brand story fun, engaging and give your audience an experience they can instantly lose themselves in. This is one of the tricks to making your brand story memorable and relevant. Remember to stay true to the essence of your brand and the needs of your target audience to remain authentic.  

What is the Benefit

Before you begin to write your brand story, here are some useful questions you should ask:

  1. What will my audience get from this story?
  2. Is this story a true representation of my brand and what I want my audience to feel about the brand?
  3. How can I provide more value to my audience through this story?

You should always bear in mind that creating an authentic brand story is about connecting with your audience and making them realise that they matter to your brand. You should, therefore, think about how your brand story can enhance their life. Where will this story fit in their day to day life. 

Keeping your audience entertained isn’t enough. Your brand story must connect with them in ways that are seamless and natural. This is something you can achieve by being authentic – and being that way consistently. 


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