The Comms Spotlight: Felix Musila, Communications and PR Officer, Emergency Plus Medical Services

Our Comms Spotlight this week is Felix Musila, Communications and PR Officer at Emergency Plus Medical Services. From starting out his career from his days as a student on campus, Felix has advanced in his practice of Communications. In this interview, he shares how he has grown in his career over the years and his advice for younger professionals.

How did you begin your career journey in Communications?

My journey in Communications started way back in Campus, when I used to do student radio (Shine FM). I later transitioned into full time Communications work as an intern for Hope FM. I grew into full time media reporting and production work in several media houses within Nairobi. I later got an opportunity to venture into Corporate Communications, which I am still practicing to date.


What do you do as the Communications and PR Officer at Emergency Plus Medical Services (EPLUS)?

I am in charge of the entire Communications and PR function of the organisation. This includes media work, brand management, social media and general public relations work of the organisation.

You have over 10 years experience working in Communications, what deliberate steps have you taken to grow professionally?

I have advanced my knowledge in Communication and Management by enrolling for an MBA (Master of Business Administration) to bolster my skills and know-how in that area.

I have also enrolled as a full-time member of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) to broaden my networking resources.

I have also joined informal networking media and PR networking groups in order to grow and nurture my networks in that area.


What changes have you observed in the PR and Communications landscape in Kenya over the years?

PR and Communications has transitioned from the cliche press release journalism to new frontiers like digital, podcasting, vlogging, influencing, YouTube etc. All these new platforms have revolutionized the way brands and organisations are approaching Communications and PR.


Who are the Communications professionals that have helped you or inspired you in your career path?

My former editor at Hope FM really honed my skills in media reporting. I was literally baptised by fire by covering prime stories while being a ‘new bee’ in new coverage, and that really helped me.

In terms of Corporate Communications, I am always inspired by Gina indefatigable guru in PR.


What advice do you have for junior Communications professionals who want to follow in your footsteps?

One piece of advice that I always dole out is that the Communications and PR landscape is very fluid and competitive. It is helpful to always stay on top of the game by learning and embracing new frontiers of growth in the area. Challenge yourself by seeking to gain more knowledge and skills.


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