The Comms Spotlight: Chima Amadi, Business Unit Director, PHD Nigeria

Our Comms Spotlight for this week is a professional who has stayed hungry for knowledge and has been consistent in delivering results through the course of his career in the industry. Currently a Business Unit Director at PHD Nigeria, Chima Amadi talks to us about his work and tips for other communications professionals in this interview.


Can you tell us what you do in your role as a Business Director at PHD Nigeria? 

I look after media portfolio for an array of brands (clients). By look after I mean, I’m in charge of a team that designs the yearly media strategies, buying/implementation plan & execute them in line with what the client/business is looking to achieve that year.


How did you begin your career in communications and how have you improved yourself over the years?

It all started in August 2008 at MediaReachOMD Nigeria when I got an opportunity to serve my country from there as a youth corper (NYSC), after which I was retained as a management trainee. It’s been a great journey on with the movements, mistakes, breakthroughs, big wins, losses etc. Most importantly is that I have stayed hungry…to learn, to be better at what I do.


What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your career and how did you overcome them?

Having to manage a business in a francophone speaking country/region (Douala, Cameroon) while I spoke no French AND having to manage one of my businesses across west Africa region OR reporting to bosses who don’t like you. For me it’s all about patience, listening more i.e. taking feedback and of course, consistency – staying true to the art.

What do you think about the marketing and advertising landscape across West Africa?

Personally, I think we are getting there. To Nigeria specifically, with the digitalization we can see that quality of stations are better, more work is being put into content production and stations are identifying genres, caving a niche and focusing on them.


What would you like to change?

We are a data poor region/continent, we need data. Also if the governments or corporate bodies can key into program acquisition or content creation, it will help reduce the monopoly some platforms are enjoying now but hey, consider a situation where the English premier league & other big ticket TV shows are shown live on NTA network.


What are some of the key lessons you have learnt from your professional journey so far?

Nothing is impossible, integrity pays, consistency is key, and patience is a must. There are no right or wrong answers; it depends on the situation.


What advice or tips will you share with your younger professional self?

The devil is in the detail, focus on the details. Be patient. Hard work pays.


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