The Comms Spotlight: Abiola Bonuola, Founder & Tech PR Consultant. Abiola Bonuola Communications

Deciding whether to be a generalist or specialist as a Public Relations professional can sometimes been challenging but our Comms Spotlight for the week has found her niche and she is thriving. Meet Abiola Bonuola, a Tech PR Consultant and Founder of Abiola Bonuola Communications. Abiola enjoys working with startups and tech companies to strategically reach their target audience. In our interview with her, she shares how she carved a niche for herself within the tech space and ensures she delivers value to her clients.


Can you tell us what you do as a Tech PR Consultant?

As a Technology PR Consultant, I work with tech entrepreneurs, startups, Venture Capital firms and organisations to tell emotive and relatable stories about innovation, create awareness, build their reputation and engage their stakeholders across different markets.


What are some of the factors that influenced you to specialise in Tech PR?

I would say the biggest factor was being encouraged by my mentors and the internet. I found very serious people in big organisations on TikTok, LinkedIn and Instagram talking about the work they did in a playful fashion and I started doing the same. After my first clients, I continued to work with more startups and I found myself helping tech brands truly reach their target audience.

The internet has exposed many PR professionals to new possibilities and we constantly find ourselves working with people, platforms and organisations that we would never have dreamed of working with. I believe that we must continue to harness the power of the internet and technology to continue to pivot and thrive in our respective fields.

In what way(s) is Tech PR different from areas of practice within the industry?

Tech PR demands that you learn, understand and translate the technical jargons from developers, engineers and, sometimes, entrepreneurs in simpler terms for a regular man on the street to understand.

It requires a lot of research, discussions and hard work because you’re literally throwing yourself into a field and market you probably haven’t heard of before and there are few professionals in Tech PR who can help you navigate these realities. There are hardly any studies that can explain what Femtech, Web 3, AR or Blockchain is.

Finding many PR professionals in the entertainment, health, education, and other sectors is a lot easier. They also have wealth of experience and resource any professional can benefit from.


What are some of the key lessons you have learnt so far from running your own PR Consultancy?

Never overpromise and underdeliver. I learnt that the hard way in my zeal to make my clients happy. I also learnt how to manage people better and use the best tools available to make business run smoothly. I have book-keeping, technology and artifical intelligence tools I use to make my work easier and faster.


Can you mention a book/ podcast/ resource that has made an impact in your career journey?

I may just be one of first people to write a book on Tech PR. When I first started, I was a huge fan of Tech Cabal and Tech Point articles. I remember sending them random pitches a lot. They are great resources for anyone interested in the tech industry. I also listened to podcasts like Africa Fintech Rising, Tech Girls Cast, African Tech Woman and African Tech Roundup.


What advice will you give to younger professionals who’d love to follow your path?

Have zero expectations for the Tech industry, sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose.


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