Five AI Courses for Communications Professionals

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic for Communications professionals as well as professionals in several industries. The ability of Technology to not just enhance our work but to replicate it within seconds is as expected, an attention grabber. 

Communications professionals across the world have gone from not being in support of the use of AI to advocating for its ethical use. Embracing something as new and exciting as AI requires an understanding of what exists and how it can be used.

If you’re keen on unravelling the mystery around AI, we have curated a list of five courses that will help you understand how you can harness the power of AI in your work as a Communications professional.

Whether you’re just starting out in AI or you have a bit more advanced knowledge, we have something for everyone. Let’s dive into the list:

1. Google Cloud Skills Introduction to Generative AI

Google has a myriad of simple courses to break down complex ideas and subject areas. This basic-level microlearning course aims to define Generative AI, describe how it can be used, and highlight its uniqueness from other machine-learning techniques. In addition, this quick course covers some Google tools you can use to create your own generative AI applications. 

2. Elements Of AI Free Online Course 

This course delivers on what it promises with a simplified approach to making AI relatable. With an aim to demystify AI, this course teaches what AI can do, and what AI can’t do. This short course also incorporates practical exercises and quizzes to help solidify your learning. 

3. LinkedIn Learning Generative AI Course

This interactive course by LinkedIn Learning on Generative AI brings a focus to how AI is used in the corporate world and its effect on work as we know it. The course unpacks the benefits of AI while also making it seem a little more friendly to the professional. To access this course, you need a LinkedIn Learning subscription.

4. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence on Coursera 

This beginner-friendly course aims to describe what is AI, its applications, use cases, and how it is transforming our lives. The modules also explain AI-related terms such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks. One unique aspect of this course is that it addresses numerous issues and ethical concerns surrounding AI which is an important aspect that Communications professionals should be well aware of.

5. Deep Learning: Generative AI for Everyone

Beyond introducing you to the concepts surrounding AI, this course identifies the limits of Generative AI and teaches students practical techniques for creating prompts that get quality responses from the AI tool. This course is for you if you don’t mind going a bit deeper and getting a bit technical in your quest for knowledge.


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