Leveraging the Social Audio Space

The art of audio storytelling has been a compelling medium for as long as we’ve had the technology. From the discovery of radio to the surging recognition of podcasts and the viral increase of real-time synchronous audio like Clubhouse, this trend continues to thrive on the strength of the human voice. 

Audio storytelling is here to stay. That’s the fact you need to bear in mind as a Comms and PR professional. 

Live audio apps have grown at ‘flash-in-the-pan’ speed, thanks to how easy they are to use and adopt. It is, therefore, important for you to continue to leverage them to promote your brand and connect with your target audience. It is equally important to keep an eye fixed on this medium because it keeps evolving. 

Here are some tips on how you can successfully leverage social audio for your brand.

Leverage the new tools in new ways 

Entering into the social audio space shows a brand’s willingness to test new ways to deliver branded messages to connect better with their audience. You can use these new tools to facilitate conversations that are important to the people you are trying to reach. Not only can this help you to build a community around your brand, you will also gain some valuable consumer insights.

Strengthen social connections

Social audio takes us back to the fundamentals of human connection – without texting, video, importing photos, or smooth ads. It’s simply humans talking, sharing insights, and exploring topics—at scale and with the speed of social media.

Whether you choose Twitter Spaces or Spotify Greenroom or Clubhouse, discover where your audience is and meet them there with content and information that matters to them 

Join the conversation 

To make real connections through social audio, you need to join the conversation on the right platform.

Start by being a good listener. Listen to your audience – understand what they need and want. Doing this will allow you to spot opportunities to add value to existing conversations and create new conversations that align with your brand’s message and what your audience needs.

Like we said before – audio-driven communication has always been around and now more than ever, Comms and PR professionals should leverage it because it is here to stay.


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