Don’t be left behind: PR Strategies for the Rise of the Metaverse

Metaverse, Non-Fungible Token (NFT), Artificial Intelligence (AI)…these are the ‘buzzwords’ for the season. More than being just another fad, these are innovations that are changing how people collaborate with one another, brands, and their entire shopping experience. 

This means that these buzzwords are not going anywhere – at least not any time soon.

So what does this mean for you as a cutting-edge Communications and Public Relations professional?

It’s simple – you need to have an effective strategy that takes into account the Metaverse because of the level of disruption that’s currently taking place. Here are some strategies you can implement.


Storytelling products or service description

Communicators and PR professionals are master narrators. We’re able to craft stories around our brand/ organization’s vision, product or service that attracts both the press and our target audience.

The skill will remain a winning strategy for the Metaverse. By leveraging the power of storytelling, you will be able to create virtual networks and increase the probability of a consumer engaging with your brand in the virtual world. And think of all the data those interactions with your brand will bring. You can use this to tweak your campaign and offer better tailored products and services.  

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Brand Partnerships

You’re already familiar with mutually beneficial brand partnerships and the outstanding results they can bring. Well, you need to import that strategy to the Metaverse.

Start by observing the brands and the individuals that align with your values and vision and explore possible areas of partnership with them. The Metaverse is still uncertain waters for many organizations, so leveraging brand partnerships can help you to reduce the risk.

Plus, it will also open you to new doors that can lead towards a more inclusive digital experience for your consumers. 


Keep the press informed

Whether physically or virtually, you will always need the press. Stay in touch with the press and your critical stakeholders, informing them about the steps the brand is taking in the Metaverse. Because this is now a trending topic, it won’t be difficult to generate newsworthy stories around your brand’s engagement in the Metaverse.

One thing though – be clear on what you are communicating in each piece of content. Make it relevant. Make it newsworthy. And make it creative. 

Of course, we know that making the decision to move into the Metaverse and the realm of virtual reality is not just your decision to make. You definitely need the buy in of your internal stakeholders. Do your research, map out your strategy and present your case to your management team, articulating precisely how this will help to achieve the organization’s key objectives.

As a space that’s still evolving, keep learning and asking questions!


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