6 Tools for Email Marketing

Do you think email marketing is overrated? We understand why you may feel that way considering the way we get bombarded with email from different brands every day. The truth is, email marketing is still a very powerful communications channel.

 In Snov.io’s email marketing statistics for 2021, 89% of marketers use email as the primary channel for generating leads and 86% of professionals give priority to email connection. 

If email marketing is this important then it’s also important to know the tools that will allow you to use it effectively. 

Here are our top five free email marketing tools;

1. MailChimp. This is one of the most popular email marketing tools around that you have probably heard of. Its free version provides you with the basic features to send out emails to your audience. We highly recommend MailChimp because of its features and its user-friendly experience. It’s easy to use, from the creation of email templates to the scheduling. If you are new to email marketing, MailChimp also provides a free webinar series to help new  users.

2. Sendinblue. This is another great tool to consider. It is a marketing communications platform with the email marketing feature and other functions. Sendinblue makes it easy for users by designing over 70 templates that can make your newsletters interactive and attractive to your audience.

3. HubSpot Email Marketing. It is easy to use with template designs that can help you get started. HubSpot Email Marketing gives you access to some other HubSpot tools. Once you have an account, you have access to the other tools too.

4. Aweber. This is one of the oldest email marketing tools. It is also easy to get started with. You have access to use html email templates, list management, autoresponders, a/b testing, and email tracking with detailed insights. Aweber also provides the users with AMP emails, automatic RSS-to-email for bloggers, and tag-based subscriber segmentation.

5. If you’re a writer and willing to monetize your newsletter, then Substack is for you. Substack is a free platform that gives every content creator or writer access to monetize their content in various ways. You can also export and import emails list to and from Substack with a simple setup you can navigate.

6 Lastly, Omnisend integrates all your communication platforms in one place. It also allows you to automate your email delivery using behavioural triggers and easily time your communications. Its features include eCommerce Segmentation, Surveys and Polls, Transactional and Marketing emails, and many more.

To choose the best email marketing tools, there are some factors to be considered. For example, Integration – it should have easy integration with other third-party apps and social media platforms. Effortless integration will allow you to handle customer data better and easily view key metrics. 

Another factor to consider is the features and functionalities. For example, can you monitor and analyze your campaigns seamlessly? Can you automate newsletters?

Each tool has its own specialty. Choose the one that works for you today!


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